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translation where go next?

by foral | 2005-04-24 17:59 | 翻訳:Translation

HOW-TO translate UI ?

I don`t know .
i searching , find this site.

looking this site::

gsi file
by foral | 2005-01-22 14:54 | 翻訳:Translation

OpenOffice.org2.0 UI Japanese Translation Project with SunTrans

I am participate to this project.

1.submit JCA ?
2.can you G11N?

apply for account now.

3.update to STE newversion (STE4.5) STE user guide README japanese styleguide
7.StarSuite infomation glothaly1 :use ja-StarSuite StarSuite word list glothaly2 StarSuite-menu-map StarSuite 7 menu list glothary3 msoffice MSOffice csv to use SunGloss
12.use SunGloss ?
13.sbasic-Export2004-10-21_81.xliff.xlf open to SunTrans
by foral | 2004-11-17 18:17 | 翻訳:Translation and Sun collaboration and Sun microsystem( are collaboration about Japanese version UI translation.

This tr teem read is Mr.Nakata.
by foral | 2004-11-08 01:36 | 翻訳:Translation

[2004-10-09]Japanese to English news letter

Mr.Sacha Chua was translation.
He study japanese in japan univercity.

one day i meet debian Mailing list.
he want to Japanese text ,so i talk to him.
"how about this ?"
1 weeks ago.this news latter is come.

now he in the ja. translation teem.
this documents status cheking in teem.
near future I will send to other country people.

=================================================== News Update / 2004-10-09

Issue Japan Users Group


* News and Information
- Upcoming 1.1.3 Release
- Project owner changed
- Conference 2004 Berlin Report
- Participated in LinuxWorld C&D Tokyo2004
- Introduction of Unofficial Hacker's Guide (Japanese edition)

* Event Information

-------------------------- News & Information --------------------------
[Upcoming 1.1.3 Release] 1.1.3 has been released. We are currently performing
QA tests on the Japanese builds. An official release is planned next
week. Please check the QA test status at the following URL:

[Project owner changed]

On 10/1, the Japanese Native-Lang project owner
changed from Nakata Maho to Minari Shu.

Nakata has been instrumental in liasing with since
the Native-Lang project was kicked off in Japan. He has also been a
development project coordinator. We appreciate his accomplishments,
and am glad he will stay with us as an active development project

Although Minari is still a student, he plays a pivotal role in the
Users Group as the CD-ROM project owner. Please join us in welcoming
Minari as the new Japanese Native-lang project lead. We hope he will
keep up the good work!

[ Conference 2004 Berlin Report] held its second conference in Berlin, Germany, from
Sep 22 through Sep 24. Also present were business application users,
developers, and local community members from many countries.

From Japan: Nakata, Hirano, Kachi, Tora, Maeda (Good-Day Inc.), and
Yabuki (Good-day Inc.) participated.

Please check out ITmedia's report.

[ Conference 2004 held in Germany]
about 2.0 progress and each nation's community

Event information page

[Participated in LinuxWorld C&D Tokyo 2004] had an exhibit at the the LinuxWorld C&D Tokyo 2004
in NS Building, Shinjuku, Tokyo, last Sep 29 and 30. The exhibit was
held in the the ".org Pavilion" sponsored by NTT COMWARE. Exhibitors
answered attendees' questions and demoed the alpha version of OOo
2.0. flyers and CD-Rs were also distributed.

Event information page

[Introduction of "Unofficial Hacker's Guide (Japanese edition)"]

Building and hacking is a necessarily looong and
uphill road. To reduce the problems encountered, this document
answers the following questions.

* How do I build OO.o?
* How do I get in touch with developers?
* How can I debug?
* How should I send patches?

Yabuki and Nakamoto did the Japanese translation. Although the title
is "Unofficial ...", the Japanese translation itself is not
unofficial. The original document's title is " Unofficial", and
that's why the translation is also titled "Unofficial...".

----------------------------- Event information --------------------------
[Kansai Open Source 2004]
Date: 2004/10/22 Fri to 10/23 Sat
Place: Business Innovation Center Osaka (1-4-5 Hommachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi)

The event is getting closer and closer. Louis Suarez-Potts
( Community Manager) is coming to Japan this year.
Everyone going to the Kansai event, please participate heartily.

[ News Update]

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the users group ML and announcements ML. Please send inquiries to the
users group ML or discussion ML. You can also e-mail

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